Why are biofuels having reputation problems?

Green energy and biofuel companies chosen by the elected officials and their appointed henchmen to be the “big winners” are failing in spectacular fashion. The Solyndra scandal (rapidly forgotten) and now the Range Fuels bankruptcy are the largest and most easily avoidable wastes of taxpayer funds it has ever been my displeasure to see coming, knowing today’s results long before the first check was written by, or loan guaranteed by, the American taxpayer. I say this because of some very basic facts about “biofuels” production technologies. I put biofuels in quotes because of the fact that ethanol IS made from grain crops that can be grown, harvested and converted to moonshine (on which a car can run) in a regular guy’s backyard.

Technically, Ethanol does qualify as a “biofuel”.  However, cellulosic Ethanol is a “biofuel” production technology that is far from being perfected or otherwise ready to in anyway to take-on petroleum based liquid transportation fuels toe-to-toe on any basis. Not, on cost to produce, not on feedstocks availability, not on renew-ability, no-where no-how no-way. Even if Range Fuels had gone bananas and was expanding exponentially, you can’t run a truck, train or jet airplane on Ethanol. Automatically, most of the transportation fuels market is off-limits. Aside from blending with gasoline and supplying the few ethanol pumps installed anywhere, what is the point?

The point is simple. Congressmen who sold their influence (via lobbyists) to the companies without viable technology that eagerly took these taxpayer funds or loan guarantees without offering any scientifically valid hypothesis or solid test data to validate the decisions of these Congressmen, did unknowingly take part in what has been repeatedly demonstrated (yet not openly stated) in the major media.

What have all 4 branches of the USFG (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and the CIA) been simultaneously doing? Emptying the American Community Chest as quickly and completely as possible before these same people take our money and leave the USA with a valueless currency and up to our eyeballs in debt. All of this while they tell us, “We want to create jobs.” and “We seek to commercialize new technologies to create new jobs.”

THE FACT IS that if our government representatives actually wanted to create jobs, the aforementioned Congressmen would make sure they at least made sure that at least a single company with economically viable technology for biofuel production where the  biofuels produced (4th generation) were compatible with existing infrastructure would have received government backing. Thus far, not ONE company with technologies capable of delivering on the promises Congressmen are believing has received government funding. The reason for this is simple. By using a tax money wasting mechanism (lobbied Congressmen) that rejects any possibility of being the problem is able to blame an  “immature industry” as a red herring to divert attention from the fact that it was they who decided whom would be favored.

The reason for willfully not creating the jobs they promised (creating jobs has never been a problem until now) to citizens, citizens whom their long thought out policies caused to become unemployed, is that by “transferring” as many people as possible from the role of taxpayer, to the role of welfare recipient, is a way to coerce votes from those purposefully imperiled for no better reason than to put a thumb on the scale for the re-election of the incompetent and power addicted at unconscionable costs to the individual taxpayer. This is the worst kind of treason. Long-term.

I propose we fix this whole situation by a single Constitutional Amendment.

If National debt rises above 5% GDP, all incumbents are automatically ineligible for re-election for life.