;>> The Most Astute Observation Ever Made <<

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can plainly understand them.

This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has figured out how to put the truth into words that are plain enough for even the semi-literate to understand.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to elect such a man as their leader. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what genuinely ails America .  Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.  It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

~ Patriotically Biased Conclusions:

1. That is US! These observations are NOT incorrect. We did and we are… This is how the people of other nations perceive you & me. Perception IS reality.

2. This applies to Me, You, Him, Her & That guy over there!  ALL Americans!

3. We all need to look in the mirror and actually look past the trivial and decide for ourselves if America and the idea of freedom will be allowed by us to die.


In 2008 the electorate (We the People) played directly into the hands of corrupted souls who hate the freedom that allowed and fostered them to become who they are, and do what they do.

Collectively, the American people (myself included) were dumb enough for one last time to trust, but human enough to hope. Together we have some ideas that are conducive to both the long and short term. We need to remember that it was short term thinking that created the problems we all face today. We were stupid enough to think some flowery lies from a “new” kind of candidate for whom traditional boundaries were ignored, was actually worthy of our trust. We all woke up from a weird communal dream within a short time but the mistake had been made and can’t be un-made. Collectively we were wrong. The facts speak for themselves. It almost cost us our national identity. An identity we now must re-prove to the world. In so doing, earn for ourselves. It’s time for Americans as a people to “Cowboy Up”.


The above iwas a quotation of a posting received from  cyber~space.


Political Entrails – Reading The Near Future

I’m writing to share some observations from my recent research. Today, you are the person to
share with. There have been a number of events in the relatively recent past that quite obviously
should be begging questions, but aren’t. By and large, the “Journalists” of our “Free Press” have in
a most cowardly manner vacated their collective responsibility to the people, in order to gush in
the presence of, and kiss our leaders ass as they allow their avocation to be irrevocably soiled.
Today American citizens are rather unhappy. In my view they aren’t unhappy with the state of
affairs between themselves and their government for any partisan reason I can see.
The bi-partisan structure of our political system obviously had been compared & contrasted against
the eternal human nature and was not chosen lightly but by the wisdom, or deviousness of the
Founding Fathers. Human nature demands to blame and point fingers for problems or unfortunate
events, period. Human nature is irrational and imperfect by definition. In any triadic relationship, it
is relatively simple for one of the three (the elected “referee”) through acts I will politely describe
as unethical it takes little effort to keep the other two blaming and pointing fingers at each other
for those acts ad infinitum. It is even more easy to keep one group of finger pointers “busy” or
“distracted” by the “referee’s” manipulation of their human nature when one group of finger
pointers and the “referee” are in collusion against the innocent first group.
Our treasonously broken political system as it relates to the American citizen is a perfect example
of this triadic dynamic with the difference being that there are a number of nested triangular
relationships with alliances that shift as events occur. The dynamic is one of “selective
understanding”. Where everybody in the room “understands” the game (or more accurately,
deception) except for a single entity (the “mark”), who is the entity being defrauded through fear, lies
and contracts.

The American citizenry are the mark, and both political parties whose very top people (the one’s
whose pictures never appear in the media) are the very same group of people. This group is
comprised partly of the descendants of the oldest and/or wealthiest families from America’s
beginning. After all this time, these people have been raised to literally believe they are of “Royal
blood personally chosen by God himself”, to paraphrase. These “bloodlines” have very carefully
manipulated perceptions of the citizenry in such a manner that they have been passing the job as
the most powerful individual on Earth back and forth between them with our votes being
laughable. In California we had a candidate for Governor who had never voted yet wanted to be
the leader of the state. Why had this candidate never voted? Logic only offers one answer. She
already knew they didn’t count in the slightest.
Trivia Question: True or False- Are Sarah Palin and Barack Obama blood relatives?  —  True.
Both political parties collude in order to keep their “membership”, the American people in the
dark, blaming and pointing fingers at each other on the other side of the aisle. All the while the
politicos falsely in the name of the American people economically assassinate poorer nations into
financial and political usury with the most common outcome being enriched corporations who
leave ghastly pollution and a bloated bill for creating promised infrastructure causing anger at
oblivious American tourists in their wake.
I was naively hoping Al Gore through his efforts to inform the world about Climate Change would
somehow motivate the politicos to accept the fact that all people everywhere are in this together,
including them. Also that this realization would cause them to re-evaluate their personal ethics (or
lack thereof) and stop playing the populace for fools. That tiny hope recently decided it just could
not go on, and committed suicide by cutting its wrists with a pointed thought. Now, there is no
** – President Obama has decided by itself, for itself, at the expense of the citizenry and soon the
cost of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is quoted as having said “America needs to be
brought down a notch or two.” – **
He’s merely the puppet with another man’s arm up his ass. Yeah, he needs to resign immediately.
But the people who pull his strings, your hubris easily allows me to apply a pinch of human nature
and logically determine that you can run but you cannot hide. If you’re all as smart as you have
been telling yourselves and everybody else, you’ll be taking the opportunity in the coming times to
“resign”, before the citizenry (who is actively seeking you already) locates you.
Human nature by means of egos run amok are, for every short-term profit is a piece in the process
of economically destroying this nation. For evidence I offer the fact that very recently the IMF on
official letterhead did release to the public media a notice of their desire and intention to remove
the American Dollar from it’s place as the world’s standard currency. This should have been the
lead story for weeks until rectified. Where were the Journalists? Starstruck at least, then cowardly
at most.
The decisions by the politicos on both sides of the aisle, especially in the past 20 years were
planned and specifically intended to bring this economic event to pass. The manipulations applied
rhyme with those of 1929.
The government has well over a million “shadow employees”. Who are they? What are they doing
now? Training for what they are going to do in the relatively near future. “Urban Pacification” of
YOU. Subjugate, control and oppress the rest of the populace by force. Logically, no other reason
is possible, ethical or not. I have seen too many groups of enormous, completely unidentified,
uniformed men at target ranges who look at me with the same contempt unindoctrinated (or free)
people have for those who oppress the weak and sap the strong. I can tell by the look in their
eyes, it is a very particular look. It’s a strange look that took me a long time and several
encounters with to figure out. It’s that look that says, “In the near future, I have been promised to
be of higher status than you as long as I am willing to force you to adopt the lower status”.
** – What treasonous lie do you tell the populace just before you cause life ending hardships to
most of the millions of people (to whom they swore they were protecting) that will predictably
occur after the announcement that their nation’s currency is now worthless? In the words of Tim
Geitner, “The value of the American Dollar is just fine.” – **

A devaluation (another manufactured crisis) is coming soon. We must band together now and do something to save the future generations of the people who came before us. It took evolution aeons to create human beings through constant struggle, it’s taken human beings only 150 years by marveling at our own accomplishments for an evil few to decide for themselves that their tiny numbers by virtue of demonstrating the most intensely  mankind’s worst qualities, they have the right to spend your money to prepare to imprison and exterminate you the reader.
To me the most shocking part of this is that with the blooming problems America was having, all
four of which President Obama had promised to deal with, he could have easily accomplished all
of them with the blessings of citizenry. All he needed to do was choose a different order in which to
go after them. Imagine if President Obama had put the same effort into creating jobs to bring in
tax dollars, that he did for his Marxist HCR to unethically and irresponsibly cram legislation that
spends obscene amounts of money he knew we didn’t have, which he knew for a fact was piss-
poorly written, down the throats of 300+ Million people.  He’s not working for us. He’s not visibly
doing didly to create jobs except by piecemeal and only in forgein lands. Logically, there IS
something very wrong with him. Exactly what I don’t know yet. But he’s failing to create jobs on
purpose.That’s a fact. Maybe he’s an agent of the Saudi King to whom he bowed at the beginning
of his administration? He still has yet to produce a birth certificate for all to see.  He’s a coward
attempting to hide behind the integrity of the office except the “manufactured crisis” I see coming very soon, was so obviously concocted in order to enable a very few evil megalomaniacs to experience the feeling of wiping their asses with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so they could then exterminate millions then “rebuild” our country along the line of the Chinese “Totalitarian-Capitalist” model, I can’t stand it. So let’s all stop pointing fingers at anybody but those in office and those who just left. Freedom becomes extinct.

For these men did with malice manufacture the woes of the citizenry past, present and worst of all the very
near future. But, I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame me for my being motivated by them to do the
research that allows me to include the above, with a completely straight face. To tell the truth.
The problem is not Republican versus Democrats. Both parties have become irrevocably corrupted
and interdependent so all of the “spins” by their extremists will line up. The entire 575 elected
personell should be replaced simultaneously. Staff the positions at first with all new people drawn
from the population at random if necessary. The participants in the political system now should be
banned from any participation in politics for 8 years except as a voter.  Otherwise, I don’t know. What was traditionally done?
Anything less, should be taken by American citizens as a direct provocation of the citizenry. Which
would be answered with a watering of the Tree of Liberty. The youth of today haven’t earned, and
don’t deserve a nation of liberty. It’s something they only know how to take for granted. Especially
when now they’re busy playing video games or tweeting on their iPhones and are selfishly
unwilling to assign themselves the duty of paying attention to politics because “It’s boring.”  Whereas, I
would gladly die in the process of doing what was necessary for maintaining the freedoms I have
enjoyed, as did all those many Americans who came before me. I will leave this earth someday
regardless of what I do. That realization, is the beginning of true freedom for any who have it.

Algae Can Give Haiti A Greener Future

A fantastic image of the Author

Matt Snyder: Just wanting to do the right thing and help people be better off wherever they are.

The Disaster Scenario: A fair sized chunk of a community (county, state, or nation) is decimated by a natural disaster. It could be a tornado, hurricaine, typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake or even a tsunami. The deal is that most if not all services are now out (water, power & sewer) and humanitarian relief aid needs to be sent on the short to near term. What about the long term? What happens when the world sends a boat load of cash to a destroyed nation where local government is full of corrupted thieves? Or, the financial system is temporarily unavailable as a mechanism to use the funds for their intended purpose? The fact is that the longer those in charge argue amongst themselves about what to do where and how much to spend on each, the balance of the finite amount of relief funds will consistently shrink until either the restoration work on the infrastructure lost is completed so relief is no longer needed and , or providing short-term supplies (as well as possible corruption, misappropriations or embezzlement) consumes the balance before services have been completely restored to the whole community leaving it in worse shape than before the disaster.

For the purposes of this writing I will be using Haiti and the recent earthquake as our example disaster and all “perpensities” of human nature will be neglected for this example. No disparaging thoughts or ideas intended towards the Haitians. In fact, quite the opposite.

Renovatio: After the earthquake I percieve Haiti has a fantastic opportunity not often presented to positively effect an entire nation all at once. In so doing demonstrating to the world that energy independence for a nation is possible without consuming every last resource and square inch of land in the area.  As well as that lifting the average Haitian out of the horrendous poverty and unhealthful living conditions can be done without changing their culture any more than getting a job changes anybody else’s. Accomplishing this by as quickly after the disaster as possible seeing a biofuel company showing up with a long line of trucks. In the case of Haiti, a fair sized transport ship carrying earth movers & the long line of trucks.

Trucks filled with men and equipment whose self contained purpose would be to quickly build enough algae production equipment and related facilities to grow algae for biofuels, nutriceuticals, and pharmaceuticals production on an industrial scale. But build enough of it to consume all of the CO2 generated by all sizeable sources in the tiny nation. Power plants, breweries whatever is happening on Haiti that generates CO2 would be fitted with the necessary equipment to clean the CO2 for algaculture use and piped to the nearest algae facility. Assuming there is enough CO2 generated to provide algae to meet all of their energy needs. Electrical power generation feedstocks (algae oil or biomass) and liquid transportation fuels in such abundance that Haiti could begin to increase their GDP and exports by selling their unneeded fuels and other high value algae products on the open markets.  The only thing left  to do would be begin hiring and training the local people to make it happen and ethically manage it as an example of what happens when people invest in others at a time when they have just lost everything as well as learned some lessons. Knowing there were jobs being created to replace those lost in the disaster and the other small businesses the salaries from this new employment would enable to startup would help pay for over the long term the new civil infrastructure needed now, right now. Ag greener future with more “green” to go around as well.

Cholera comes from drinking fresh water that has human remains decomposing in it. When the earthquake first happened, these deaths from Cholera could have been avoided if somebody could have put a dozen bulldozers on the island nation a few here and there to clear paths where no roads existed or had been destroyed.  As well as for digging biologically safe graves, and temporary canals and catch basins for rainwater and sewage. It wouldn’thave been a bad idea to create some rubble free open areas as well for relief aid to be distributed and for people to safely sleep without fear of being buried by their homes collapsing from an aftershock.

Is this idea ghoulish or otherwise “inappropriate”? Dare I say it, would doing something like this as a company, be “non- politically correct”, unethical or plain insulting in some way to somebody involved who I have not accounted for? Could doing this for an area, or even an entire nation be considered to be a “bad thing”? I pose these questions to you rhetorically but these questions have come up in some of the discussions I have had on the subject with those who know more than I about such things. I’ve been told there are no ethical or moral conflicts to distract from getting the job done quickly as that is what the situation calls for.

The technology to accomplish Algae’s feat of daring-do exists today. We’re intending to have the productivity of the technology certified by a third party immediately upon being able to fund the testing as the last step before a pilot-plant that is intended to be built on the same site and as the first part of the first full-scale commercial algae production facility. 

When we commercialize in a climate such as Haiti’s, it need not be a painfully slow process as with our designs their unique qualities and integrated continuous harvesting capabilities will require small number of “scale related” parameter data streams over a production run of up to 90 days. We intend to build a pilot like this for each facility that is the first in a given climatic region to time compress the evolution of the feeedstocks for each type of climate conditions.  If successful, the data drawn from the pilot facility will allow the immediate improvements in some parts of the system high technology offers while saving the expense of building a pilot-plant then running off to build a seperate commercial facility. 

As soon as possible we would like to equip for the “follow disaster” approach as an adjunct to our already planned facility construction schedule. But, like 3rd party productivity certification testing, getting ready by transsubstantiating manufacturing capability for the full scale equipment and pilot -plants all they require is money.  Got Cash? Anybody? Carpe Alga! Please answer the poll below.

@)B^{D> Just doing what I can with what I’ve got.

16 New Records The Obama Administration Has Set During The Past 12

16 New Records The Obama Administration Has Set During The Past 12
Months… They’re All Economic And They Are All Bad

Over the past twelve months, the U.S.  economy has continued to come
apart like a 20 dollar suit.  During that time it seems like more bad
economic news has been coming out nearly every single day.  Instead of
getting better, the problems facing the U.S.  economy only seem to be
multiplying.  The U.S.  government and the U.S.  financial system
continue to absolutely drown in debt.  Factories, jobs and massive
amounts of wealth continue to fly out of the United States every month
at an astounding pace.  Meanwhile, the number of Americans enrolled in
anti-poverty programs continues to shatter records and the U.S.
housing industry continues to set records for futility.  The truth is
that less Americans are living the American Dream today than were
living it twelve months ago.  The U.S.  economy is in a serious state
of decline, and it is time for all of us to wake up and admit the

But most Americans are so addicted to entertainment that they aren’t
even noticing that the greatest economic machine in the history of the
world is literally falling apart all around them.  Unfortunately, most
Americans seem to be much more interested in Dancing With The Stars,
their favorite NFL teams or what Lady Gaga happens to be doing than in
what is happening with the economy.

We are not guaranteed to be a wealthy, prosperous nation forever.
Decades of really, really bad decisions are now catching up with us,
and if we do not turn things around soon we are headed for an
unprecedented economic disaster.

The following are 16 new records that the American economy has set
during the past 12 months .

#1 U.S.  banks repossessed a record total of 102,134 homes in
September.  That was the very first time that home repossessions in
the United States have ever surpassed the 100,000 mark during one

#2 The price of gold hit another record high on Thursday as the U.S.
dollar continues to get even weaker.

#3 Household spending for the middle fifth of all U.S.  income earners
was down 3.5% in 2009.  That was the steepest one year decline since
records began being kept back in 1984.

#4 The number of Americans enrolled in the food stamp program passed
the 41 million mark for the first time ever during the month of June.

#5 The number of Americans enrolled in the food stamp program has set
a new all-time record for 20 consecutive months.

#6 The Census Bureau says that 43.6 million Americans are now living
in poverty and according to them that is the highest number of poor
Americans that they have ever recorded in 51 years of record-keeping.

#7 According to the Associated Press, experts believe that in 2009 the
U.S.  poverty rate experienced the largest single year increase since
the U.S.  government began calculating poverty figures back in 1959.

#8 It is projected that the major financial firms on Wall Street will
pay out an all-time record of $144 billion in compensation for 2010.

#9 In July, sales of new homes in the United States declined to the
lowest level ever recorded.

#10 As of last March, U.S.  banks had an inventory of 1.1 million
foreclosed homes, which was a new all-time record and which was up 20
percent from one year earlier.

#11 The number of Americans working part-time jobs “for economic
reasons” is now the highest it has been in at least five decades.

#12 Earlier in 2010, the average time needed to find a job had risen
to a record 35.2 weeks.

#13 As millions of Americans struggled just to survive in this
economy, the number of marriages fell to a record low in 2009.

#14 A record 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid, the U.S.
government health care program designed principally to help the poor.

#15 Americans now owe more than $849 billion on student loans, which
is a new all-time record.

#16 The U.S.  government has accumulated a national debt that is
rapidly approaching 14 trillion dollars.  The U.S.  national debt sets
a new all-time record every single month with no end in sight.

The above article was first published in The American Dream.

BLOGGERS NOTE: This is the same bunch of traitors who asked for biofuels production technology and turned their backs on us when they wanted to give the funds to their friends who had no technology eventhough we have had a system ready to go for over a year.

Hello World! Let’s Fix The Earth!


Litho Scipio

The Author: Matt Snyder


A list of the cornerstone technologies available today to remediate GHG’s & particulates globally in a cost effective manner.

Commercial Scale Production of Algae Based Drop-In Petroleum Replacements:

Using the continuous cultivation system for microalgae designed by Scipio Biofuels in a de-centralized model the system can, due to the ability of the system to consume XXXXXX+ tons annually of CO2. The CO2 is consumed to cultivate algae in a pump-less flowing circuit, which will produce in excess of XXXXXXXX gallons of, algae oil per acre per year for biofuels.

How far in excess? Unfortunately at this time we can’t tell what we don’t know. From the very beginning of the design stages for this particular design we have been consumed with the ideas of under promising & over delivering in every way imaginable. As of this writing algae based biofuels can easily be produced at or very near the point of use with our equipment designs. For point of use at an existing larger facility just install our solar collector portion of the system in a circuit immediately within the perimeter fence of airports, harbors, military bases & the like. The algae, is continuously harvested & processed under the parking lot or another suitable location within or adjacent to the facility site. This process was designed to consume the maximum amount of CO2 from industrial sources.

It is possible to generate, algae oil (or green crude) for algae based biofuels in the tens, to thousands of tons per day depending on the number of PBR’s at a given facility. As long as geothermal heat (on a small scale) can also can be tapped on site, the latitude limits for algae cultivation, year-round, stretch to the Arctic and Antarctic Circles until photo-period simply won’t allow growth rates to be economically feasible. As luck would have it, we have multiple solutions for that as well. I’m not supposed to get bothered about using energy to make energy, as conversions are never 100% efficient. I don’t like to do this. Although in our case the ends justify the means.

The exact same equipment can be used to grow on the same scale the algae that produce Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids. For pharmaceutical use these oils sell (as of this writing) for $200+ per gallon. As well as algae that bears astaxanthin. The substance that makes salmon pink is an antioxidant 300x more powerful than Vitamin E. With a value rarefied much higher than that of Omega-x fatty acids. Algae can produce feed stocks for many industries including plastics and cosmetics & more. This diversification gives greater stability to the alternative fuels industry and by extension, the economy as a whole. But we can’t get caught up in just growing high value strains. We’re producing fuel.

With such a de-centralized system producing tens of thousands (to millions) of tons of press-cake annually at or near each point of use, combined with centralized sites producing tens of millions of tons annually, it is conceivable that there will not be enough consumers of press-cake products. This is OK. In order to alleviate the need to scrap the coal cars that emerged full from mines in the past. Today the coal cars are to be empty for putting the “green coal” back into the ground. Using first of the 4 cornerstones, algae production to consume the CO2 regardless of production in excess of the global demand. This means that carbon sequestration is an issue that resolves itself for at least a hundred years when the coalmines are again almost full. Then and only then does carbon sequestration again become a problem.

Grow algae, harvest algae, remove oil. press-cake and overproduction got to coal mine.
Comprehensive System for Bioremediation of Eutrophic Water bodies & Watersheds

By using several different methods combined, wholly or in part during a portion of the year determined by photoperiod & solar cycle, the existing nutrients in and around a lake can be drawn from their source. By growing plants on automated hydroponic racks each of the racks shuttles in-turn from rooting to harvest along a dedicated path. The specific plants are chosen based upon what contaminants are in and around the lake water cross-referenced by the species that have rapidity of growth as well as requiring uptake of trace elements matching as many entries on the list of contaminants as possible. Each different species of plant will then consume directly from the environment. For within the water itself we could install algal mats which promote rapid algae growth with the property that the algae from the water will tend to stick to the mats to be removed from the lake with the mat. Removal of the mats occurs just before photoperiod decreases sharply at summer’s end. This means that when the die-off of the algae overgrowth that would then recycle those nutrients back into the water, those nutrients are instead taken up with the mats.

This same type of timing model is used with terrestrial plants around the shoreline and as far out as contamination, access and funding allow.

To eliminate stratification & passively oxygenate the volume of the lake’s water, a device equating to a smaller version of Cornerstone #3 was originally created to be part of this bioremediation system.

Many different techniques are initiated and discontinued in a very specific order, sequence, phase and period after which the area is then tested, plant species possibly adjusted then repeated annually for up to 40 years or more for very heavily contaminated areas. After the first 2 or 3 years, water as dirty as Lake Elsinore in California could be drinkable year-round. By that time, contamination levels should have decreased to allow more & different plants to be grown as feed-stocks for other industries offsetting the systems cost substantially. There are over 500 lakes in the southwest U.S. on EPA clean-up lists with funding waiting in vane, until now. It is a most important relationship to find/make/initiate between Scipio Biofuels & high level EPA people as soon as possible. This is how we assure enough water for everyone.
A wind powered method for passive de-acidification of the oceans.

By using a floating, wind driven apparatus, to inject pressurized ambient air at a given depth, the dynamic we are manufacturing artificially is that of, crashing waves, or an artificial wave action. That is the only function of this device. The rate at which it functions is directly dependent on wind speed. When artificial wave action begins a number of interesting things begin to occur.

As the bubbles rise, the air within exchanges some gasses with the seawater and will also be saturated with water vapor to 100% RH.  As the air bubble reaches the surface it will contain more water vapor by volume than in the ambient air.  This overall increase in ambient humidity will eventually result in increased rainfall somewhere.

By deploying large numbers (TBD) of this floating apparatus as a test by for example: dotting the Mississippi River Estuary, even miles out to sea the effects on the Gulf of Mexico’s eutrophic estuarial dead zones will be significant and immediate. The increased oxygen levels from the simulated wave action. As the “wet” air mass in the atmosphere increases, eventually this extra “distilled” fresh water in the atmosphere will logically increase rainfall globally, including on the ocean. For de-acidification it is this added fresh water rain that is the true agent of change. When pure H2O, contacts carbonic acid H2CO3 the CO2 molecule is broken off and the carbonic acid leaving water again thus raising the pH and liberating a molecule of CO2 from the seawater as it is raining at the surface. With luck, the increased rainfall in any one place will indicate increased rainfall eventually everywhere. Putting water in the air by putting air in the water, passively will serve us well.

We need not worry about covering every square mile of the seas with these machines. They should be concentrated where ocean currents are strongest and we allow the currents to distribute the oxygenated seawater for us when possible.

My understanding is that well within 30 days after small-scale deployment the first positive effects will be unmistakable.
Method for the removal of both particulates and CO2 100%, directly from the atmosphere in one pass.
For the sake of brevity I’m going to describe the system using common objects for analogy based on the physical dynamics employed.

Please imagine. a high volume PV solar powered vacuum pump connected to what is in essence sealed room with an inlet pipe dropping into a cistern creating in effect an enormous hooka.

What is actually in the hooka is limewater, an automated method for sensing & replenishment of the lime in the water a drain and a bottom, cleaning device. The CO2 within the rising bubbles reacts with the limewater causing a precipitate to settle on the bottom.  With 100% of the particulates drawn in by the vacuum pump as the intake air is not filtered remaining suspended in the limewater. What the bottom cleaner does is gather and deposit for collection all of the calcium carbonate in which the CO2 is permanently sequestered. It also uses limewater for reasons of low expense, toxicity, and simplicity.

Emission free electrical power generation (almost) that preserves current upstream fiefdoms.

To manage the environmental sting out of electrical power generation without massive disruptions of service or political and or social upheaval the current paradigms must be included as a part of the solution.

Adjacent to a coal fired power plant we build algae cultivation capacity capable of sustaining the energy needs of the local community plus the difference between that, and the amount of CO2 needed to produce the algae annually to fuel a more flexible combined gas/steam turbine power system. When all is installed and running, only the CO2 necessary to run the secondary system is produced. The original power entity is only generating power at approximately 5% of original capacity and in effect becomes a Licensed CO2 “Producer”.  The best part for all is that nobody has to look for a new job. This concept won’t work everywhere. But we have a number of ways to accommodate different technical issues relating to coal, biomass, ethanol & gas fired power generation all with the same end results.


These are the “5 Cornerstones” for a framework of what is economically feasible yet still accomplishes what is necessary to abate Climate Change. It has been my intention to do these things privately at my own expense as profits from the algae based biofuels would allow. I have no reason yet to believe implementing these technologies on a global scale will have unmanageable deleterious effects on the environment. But much positive effect on Climate Change causing contamination. Creating an unknown number of jobs everywhere isn’t a bad thing either. I’m in this not to get rich. Wealth will occur merely for making it happen at all and as such is tertiary. I’m here to help for lack of a better word, bioremediate CO2. Why? Because my professional experience has afforded me a unique view of the problem combined with highly specialized knowledge that allows me to simply state, because I know how.

By using all 4 of these processes in combination we can without technical difficulty, inexpensively and rather rapidly reverse the direction Climate Change contamination. When eventually appropriate in however many years, simply recycle the equipment from the processes no longer needed

There’s always more to tell but if this isn’t enough for you to chew on, what is? Thank you for your willingness to take the time to read about what I’ve created.