Political Entrails – Reading The Near Future

I’m writing to share some observations from my recent research. Today, you are the person to
share with. There have been a number of events in the relatively recent past that quite obviously
should be begging questions, but aren’t. By and large, the “Journalists” of our “Free Press” have in
a most cowardly manner vacated their collective responsibility to the people, in order to gush in
the presence of, and kiss our leaders ass as they allow their avocation to be irrevocably soiled.
Today American citizens are rather unhappy. In my view they aren’t unhappy with the state of
affairs between themselves and their government for any partisan reason I can see.
The bi-partisan structure of our political system obviously had been compared & contrasted against
the eternal human nature and was not chosen lightly but by the wisdom, or deviousness of the
Founding Fathers. Human nature demands to blame and point fingers for problems or unfortunate
events, period. Human nature is irrational and imperfect by definition. In any triadic relationship, it
is relatively simple for one of the three (the elected “referee”) through acts I will politely describe
as unethical it takes little effort to keep the other two blaming and pointing fingers at each other
for those acts ad infinitum. It is even more easy to keep one group of finger pointers “busy” or
“distracted” by the “referee’s” manipulation of their human nature when one group of finger
pointers and the “referee” are in collusion against the innocent first group.
Our treasonously broken political system as it relates to the American citizen is a perfect example
of this triadic dynamic with the difference being that there are a number of nested triangular
relationships with alliances that shift as events occur. The dynamic is one of “selective
understanding”. Where everybody in the room “understands” the game (or more accurately,
deception) except for a single entity (the “mark”), who is the entity being defrauded through fear, lies
and contracts.

The American citizenry are the mark, and both political parties whose very top people (the one’s
whose pictures never appear in the media) are the very same group of people. This group is
comprised partly of the descendants of the oldest and/or wealthiest families from America’s
beginning. After all this time, these people have been raised to literally believe they are of “Royal
blood personally chosen by God himself”, to paraphrase. These “bloodlines” have very carefully
manipulated perceptions of the citizenry in such a manner that they have been passing the job as
the most powerful individual on Earth back and forth between them with our votes being
laughable. In California we had a candidate for Governor who had never voted yet wanted to be
the leader of the state. Why had this candidate never voted? Logic only offers one answer. She
already knew they didn’t count in the slightest.
Trivia Question: True or False- Are Sarah Palin and Barack Obama blood relatives?  —  True.
Both political parties collude in order to keep their “membership”, the American people in the
dark, blaming and pointing fingers at each other on the other side of the aisle. All the while the
politicos falsely in the name of the American people economically assassinate poorer nations into
financial and political usury with the most common outcome being enriched corporations who
leave ghastly pollution and a bloated bill for creating promised infrastructure causing anger at
oblivious American tourists in their wake.
I was naively hoping Al Gore through his efforts to inform the world about Climate Change would
somehow motivate the politicos to accept the fact that all people everywhere are in this together,
including them. Also that this realization would cause them to re-evaluate their personal ethics (or
lack thereof) and stop playing the populace for fools. That tiny hope recently decided it just could
not go on, and committed suicide by cutting its wrists with a pointed thought. Now, there is no
** – President Obama has decided by itself, for itself, at the expense of the citizenry and soon the
cost of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is quoted as having said “America needs to be
brought down a notch or two.” – **
He’s merely the puppet with another man’s arm up his ass. Yeah, he needs to resign immediately.
But the people who pull his strings, your hubris easily allows me to apply a pinch of human nature
and logically determine that you can run but you cannot hide. If you’re all as smart as you have
been telling yourselves and everybody else, you’ll be taking the opportunity in the coming times to
“resign”, before the citizenry (who is actively seeking you already) locates you.
Human nature by means of egos run amok are, for every short-term profit is a piece in the process
of economically destroying this nation. For evidence I offer the fact that very recently the IMF on
official letterhead did release to the public media a notice of their desire and intention to remove
the American Dollar from it’s place as the world’s standard currency. This should have been the
lead story for weeks until rectified. Where were the Journalists? Starstruck at least, then cowardly
at most.
The decisions by the politicos on both sides of the aisle, especially in the past 20 years were
planned and specifically intended to bring this economic event to pass. The manipulations applied
rhyme with those of 1929.
The government has well over a million “shadow employees”. Who are they? What are they doing
now? Training for what they are going to do in the relatively near future. “Urban Pacification” of
YOU. Subjugate, control and oppress the rest of the populace by force. Logically, no other reason
is possible, ethical or not. I have seen too many groups of enormous, completely unidentified,
uniformed men at target ranges who look at me with the same contempt unindoctrinated (or free)
people have for those who oppress the weak and sap the strong. I can tell by the look in their
eyes, it is a very particular look. It’s a strange look that took me a long time and several
encounters with to figure out. It’s that look that says, “In the near future, I have been promised to
be of higher status than you as long as I am willing to force you to adopt the lower status”.
** – What treasonous lie do you tell the populace just before you cause life ending hardships to
most of the millions of people (to whom they swore they were protecting) that will predictably
occur after the announcement that their nation’s currency is now worthless? In the words of Tim
Geitner, “The value of the American Dollar is just fine.” – **

A devaluation (another manufactured crisis) is coming soon. We must band together now and do something to save the future generations of the people who came before us. It took evolution aeons to create human beings through constant struggle, it’s taken human beings only 150 years by marveling at our own accomplishments for an evil few to decide for themselves that their tiny numbers by virtue of demonstrating the most intensely  mankind’s worst qualities, they have the right to spend your money to prepare to imprison and exterminate you the reader.
To me the most shocking part of this is that with the blooming problems America was having, all
four of which President Obama had promised to deal with, he could have easily accomplished all
of them with the blessings of citizenry. All he needed to do was choose a different order in which to
go after them. Imagine if President Obama had put the same effort into creating jobs to bring in
tax dollars, that he did for his Marxist HCR to unethically and irresponsibly cram legislation that
spends obscene amounts of money he knew we didn’t have, which he knew for a fact was piss-
poorly written, down the throats of 300+ Million people.  He’s not working for us. He’s not visibly
doing didly to create jobs except by piecemeal and only in forgein lands. Logically, there IS
something very wrong with him. Exactly what I don’t know yet. But he’s failing to create jobs on
purpose.That’s a fact. Maybe he’s an agent of the Saudi King to whom he bowed at the beginning
of his administration? He still has yet to produce a birth certificate for all to see.  He’s a coward
attempting to hide behind the integrity of the office except the “manufactured crisis” I see coming very soon, was so obviously concocted in order to enable a very few evil megalomaniacs to experience the feeling of wiping their asses with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so they could then exterminate millions then “rebuild” our country along the line of the Chinese “Totalitarian-Capitalist” model, I can’t stand it. So let’s all stop pointing fingers at anybody but those in office and those who just left. Freedom becomes extinct.

For these men did with malice manufacture the woes of the citizenry past, present and worst of all the very
near future. But, I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame me for my being motivated by them to do the
research that allows me to include the above, with a completely straight face. To tell the truth.
The problem is not Republican versus Democrats. Both parties have become irrevocably corrupted
and interdependent so all of the “spins” by their extremists will line up. The entire 575 elected
personell should be replaced simultaneously. Staff the positions at first with all new people drawn
from the population at random if necessary. The participants in the political system now should be
banned from any participation in politics for 8 years except as a voter.  Otherwise, I don’t know. What was traditionally done?
Anything less, should be taken by American citizens as a direct provocation of the citizenry. Which
would be answered with a watering of the Tree of Liberty. The youth of today haven’t earned, and
don’t deserve a nation of liberty. It’s something they only know how to take for granted. Especially
when now they’re busy playing video games or tweeting on their iPhones and are selfishly
unwilling to assign themselves the duty of paying attention to politics because “It’s boring.”  Whereas, I
would gladly die in the process of doing what was necessary for maintaining the freedoms I have
enjoyed, as did all those many Americans who came before me. I will leave this earth someday
regardless of what I do. That realization, is the beginning of true freedom for any who have it.