How Does it Feel to Know History Will Remember You For…

I wonder how it feels to President Obama to know that History will remember him as the President who is responsible for the US Dollar losing its place as the global standard currency? I wonder how it feels to know that History will remember Barack Hussein Obama as the man most responsible for the policies and incompetent (or too competent?) reaction based governing that squarely knocked not just America (his apparent enemy), but mankind as a whole from its evolutionary zenith?

I wonder how it feels to know that History will remember ones own self as part of the corrupted in the Congress and the Senate who know before the deed is done that they have taken an active part the extinguishing of the American Dream? A dream many of them touted as the reason they should be first elected. I wonder how Senator Kerry (D-Mass) feels knowing that history will remember him for the fact that he played his role in show the entire world sees as  “A Traitor’s Political Theater” far past the point of being obviously (and poorly) contrived? He will tell himself differently, as will they all. They will believe these lies as surely as they believe the lies they speak with their mouths every day. All the while thinking their “Masters” are pleased and they are getting away with something so HUGE, nobody would see it coming until it was too late. All apologies, we see just fine. You are fooling nobody that matters, from your perspective.

I’m quite sure plenty of American war dead whose souls (wherever they ended up) will be motivated and waiting to get a piece of the sorry-assed soul who lied to them and robbed them of the joy and essence of living a long and full life, in truth and justice and liberty. Nobody volunteers to be lied to.  These are the things for which these war dead willingly gave their lives.  They await the same souls who for the sake of mere greed took the value of the sacrifices of those who came before them and turned it into shit with the illegal wave of a pen. I wonder how it feels to know there is so much “activity” awaiting their arrival on the “other side” when someday they finally do become metabolically deficient?

To play “Devil’s Advocate” for just a moment, let us assume the Oath of Office sworn by every President-elect is sworn to the Judeo-Christian God only.  I’m relatively sure that the believers in a different God would have been hard pressed to keep a straight face during the swearing in ceremony especially had a devil-worshiper or Satanist been elected. Has one? More than one? Any Pagans or Atheists?

From a more “spiritual” perspective, I can’t see any reason for the Oath of Office sworn by every President-elect would be sworn to the God of that particular individual’s understanding. In other words, just because any former President might have sworn an oath to preserve protect & defend the Constitution to the Devil (for example), that he then move forward with his evil acts will still be in violation of the oath they swore to the God of their understanding. They have still broken their oath for which they will be held accountable in this life or the next. This would apply to anyone in government at any level required to take any oath of loyalty. The word and concept of “God” is universal to all religion and only serves to personalize and internalize any individuals belief system before a group.

I wonder how it feels for every participant anywhere to know in their hearts that History will remember them as the biggest fools on every level for what they believed, wanted and tried to do, and were punished by the mob. You see, at its very core, Democracy is simply, Mob-Rule. You can extinguish the American Dream temporarily. But you will never extinguish Democracy at is basic level. There simply aren’t enough people loyal to their twisted thinking.

I wonder how many people are doing what they are for the mere promise of “higher status” after their deeds are done and our nation is in ruins? They lied to you too? Really?

Meet with your neighbors. Meet with your families. Meet with your friends. Decide what is and is not worth risking one’s life to keep and do something. Otherwise, these corrupted souls will decide such important matters for you, poorly.

As always, I could be wrong.


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